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[Info]Read before posting an application

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1Locked [Info]Read before posting an application on Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:36 am


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Hey MMOHOT User!

Since some members don't know the criterias that they should fulfill, I decided to post it in few points..

If you are new member, meaning for example that you are here one week, don't post your application yet. In that time admins can't really find out if you are able to do the job you want.

Your statistics such as post and thanks count should be high enough, 5+ posts is already adequate but even a bit less could be OK. And about thanks count - It's not necessary to have more thanks than posts but more you got, more usefull you look like.

As posted in another thread by Lowfyr, if you have any active infractions/warnings , don't even ''bother'' posting an application, it will get closed. But you can repost it when your warnings/infractions expire.

In your application, just answer to the questions posted in this thread. You can also add some more
information about you, but you should answer those questions first, and I recommend you to do not answer just by ''yes'' or so.. You should get the point

Please post your applications in english only.

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