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Community Policy

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1Locked Community Policy on Mon May 31, 2010 1:53 pm


Forum Founder
Forum Founder
Community Policy

By reading this, users or customers agree to follow policies below which they are obligated and responsible for

- No words or expressions are allowed that is against the rules and policies that are listed in the general users' policy in the game and in the community web page including the forum.

- No abusive language or conduct towards certain gender, nationality, race, religion or personal disabilities are allowed

- No instigation of initiating movement towards certain social issues or for group purposes is allowed.

- No solicitations or Advertisement for any other commercial purposes

- Users' posts or comments should not be false or wrong especially dealing with game related materials or services.

- No language abuse or harassment with any slang to any other users.

- No spamming or repeating messages in the posts, as it is against the game policy.

- Circulating abnormal programs or distributing bug or glitches of the game is not allowed.

- Disrupting other player on any purpose is prohibited in the community.

- No Users possess any areas for hunting; therefore there should be no dealing or insisting regarding to this matter.

- Users should not try to achieve or take other users'items by any illegal method.

- MMOHOT - Games Team

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